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ArLAR Francophone Group

The ArLAR Francophone Group (ArFG) is an autonomous group working under the umbrella of the ArLAR, in keeping with the article 7 of the basic regulations of the Special Interest Groups of ArLAR.

The Group was created on 10th December 2018 and validated by the ArLAR Board of Directors.

Who are the members of ArFG?

Partially or totally francophone Arab countries are represented at ArFG:

Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia.

ArFG is also open to francophone rheumatologists practicing in non-francophone Arab countries.

The steering committee of ArFG, elected in Paris on 9th December 2019 for 3 years (2019-2022), is composed of:

What are the missions of ArFG?

  • To inform about scientific events in the different countries of the Francophone Group (FG)

  • To communicate the scientific information addressed to the francophone rheumatologists.

  • To communicate the scientific information addressed to the general francophone public.

  • To promote the collaborative research projects between the different francophone Arab countries.

To accomplish these missions, the ArFG will:

  • Use the ArLAR website platform.

  • Use the other ArLAR platforms, particularly the social media.

  • Organize regular meetings as side events to ArLAR meetings and other scientific Congresses.

  • Plan Francophone Scientific Days in member countries (every 2 years, at some distance from the ArLAR Congress)

  • Initiate and coordinate collaborative research projects between the francophone Arab countries in collaboration with the scientific committee of ArLAR.

ArLAR Francophone Group Activities

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Manal El Rakawi, MD

ٍٍSecrétaire générale



Basel Masri, MD



Nelly Ziadé, MD



Ihsane Hmamouchi, MD

Majda Khoury_Photo.JPG


Majda Khoury, MD



Hella Salhi, MD

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