Arab Adult Arthritis Awareness Group

The Arab Adult Arthritis Awareness Group has been launched under the umbrella of the Arab League of Association for Rheumatology (ArLAR), as one of the Special Interest Groups (SIG)


This group was founded as an initiative by Dr. Hussein Halabi and Dr. Lina El-Kibbi from Saudi Arabia.

This group consists of 16 Rheumatologists representing 14 Arab countries.


This group promotes awareness about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in Arabic, in addition to English, and French in order to reach all members of the society in various Arabic countries and more.


The idea of establishing this group came to meet patients' inquiries about information related to rheumatic diseases, in Arabic language, on scientific websites and the social media.


The group has chosen the month of February of every year as a special month to raise awareness about rheumatic diseases mainly in Arabic language in addition to English and French.


The vision of the group is to raise the level of health awareness among members of the Arab communities in general and patients about rheumatic, bone, and joint diseases. This is in addition to offering the best to improve the health of the patients affected by these diseases.


We hope to achieve the desired goals by implementing awareness programs about rheumatic diseases. This can be achieved through special workshops under the supervision of specialist doctors, and direct speech to all members of the Arab communities through the social media

Dr. Lina El Kibbi

Founder of AAAA Group

Consultant Rheumatologist

Assistant Professor of Rheumatology in , Alfaisal University, Rheumatology Consultant, Director Medical Academic Affairs, Specialized Medical Center.


Dr. Hussein Halabi

Founder of AAAA Group

Consultant Rheumatologist

Director of academic and training affairs, KFSH&RC , Jeddah.


Dr. Manal El Rakaawi 

Professor in rheumatology

General secretary of the feancophone groupe of ArLAR


Dr. Chafia Dahou Makhloufi

Professor of Rheumatology

Professor in rheumatology, Head of rheumatology department, Bab El Oued Hospital. University of medicine.Algiers, Vice president of the Algerian League Against Rheumatism (LAAR).


Dr. Mervat Eissa

Consultant Rheumatologist

Consultant of Rheumatology - Kasr Alainy Hospital- Cairo University, Associate Prof.  of Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology - Cairo University, Organizer at Egyptian Society of Rheumatic Diseases.


Dr. Nizar Abdulateef 

Consultant Rheumatologist

Professor and Consultant in Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, President of Iraqi League of Bone and Joint Health, President of PAOS, and Secretary General of Scientific Committee of ArLAR.


Dr. Basel K Masri

Senior Consultant Rheumatologist

Jordan Hospital & Medical Center, President of the ArLAR JORDAN 2020 Congress.


Dr. Fatemah Abutiban

Consultant of Medicine and Rheumatology

Jaber Al Ahmed Hospital, Sheikhan Alfaresi Rheumatology Center. Kuwait Oil Company, President of Kuwait Association of Rheumatology, and Treasurer of Kuwait Osteoporosis Prevention Society.


Dr. Nelly Ziade Zoghbi

Consultant Rheumatologist

Assistant Professor of Rheumatology, Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital and Saint-Joseph University Beirut.


Dr. Ihsane Hmamouchi

Rheumatologist, Biostatisitician, Clinical Epidemiologist 

Biostatisitician, Clinical Epidemiologist, Centre Hospitalier Provincial Skhirat- Temara, Laboratory of Epidemiology and Clinical Research (LBRCE), Faculty of Medicine


Dr. Nasra Al Adhoubi 

Consultant Rheumatologist

Royal Hospital and Oman society of Rheumatology -OSR President.


Dr. Sima Abu Al- Sa’oud

Pediatric Rheumatologist

Makassed Hospital - Jerusalem

Palestinian & Jordanian boards of Pediatrics, Canadian fellowship in Pediatric Rheumatology- the Hospital for Sick Children/ University of Toronto


Dr. Samar Al Emadi

Senior Consultant Rheumatologist

Sr.Consultant Rheumatology, Head of Rheumatology section, Hamad Medical Corporation, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine WCMC-Q, EMBA-London business school.


Dr. Layla Kazkaz

Consultant Rheumatologist

President of the Syrian Association for Rheumatology-SAR, Chair of scientific committee for Syrian association for osteoporosis prevention, Member of BSR, Fellow of RCP.


Dr. Wafa Hamdi

Consultant Rheumatologist

Head of the department of rheumatology in Kassab Instituta, Head of the section of rheumatology in the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, Head of the research unit UR17SP04, Associate General Secretary in LITAR


Dr. Khalid Alnaqbi

Chief of Rheumatology, Assistant Professor

Al Ain Hospital, Assistant Professor (UAE University).


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