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Uniting Rheumatologists Globally

ArLAR College: Advancing Rheumatology Across Boundaries

ArLAR College stands as a joint initiative, created and overseen by the ArLAR Scientific Committee and Board of Directors. Our mission is multi-faceted: we strive to foster meaningful scientific collaboration among rheumatologists, elevate awareness about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, and champion the cause of continuous medical education within the field of rheumatology across the Arab countries and beyond.

What is the ArLAR College?

ArLAR College© is an initiative of the ArLAR Scientific Committee and ArLAR Board of Directors.

ArLAR College© is intended to execute the ArLAR fixed objectives by gathering efforts of all expert Arab rheumatologists in collaboration with the International Rheumatology Community,

ArLAR College Objectives

Are those of the ArLAR as mentioned in the ArLAR bylaws such as:

  • Increase scientific collaborative research among ArLAR members from one side and with the international rheumatology community from the other side.

  • Increase awareness of rheumatology and musculoskeletal diseases of Arab rheumatologists by organizing regular webinars, workshops, training, and mentoring younger rheumatologists.

  • Develop programs & projects to reach the objectives fixed by the ArLAR College© in all fields of rheumatology and musculoskeletal diseases

  • Promote continuous medical education of ArLAR members in different rheumatology sectors.

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