Raising awareness of high-quality Rheumatology practice to empower Rheumatologists in the Arab world to excel in their specialty

Date:  3-6 March 2021

City: Amman
Country: Jordan
Official languages: English

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

COVID-19 Pandemic has dramatically affected many aspects of our daily life particularly the way of communication such as traveling and attending medical congresses.


We still hope for a face to face congress the reason which pushed the organizing committee ArLAR JORDAN 2020 Congress to postpone again the congress to 3-6 March 2021 and the Congress became ArLAR JORDAN 2021 We hope to welcome you to this 14th Pan-Arab Rheumatology Congress that will be held in conjunction with the 6th International Congress of the Jordanian Society of Rheumatology in Amman, Jordan.

The main theme of the ArLAR JORDAN 2021 Congress is “Raising awareness of high-quality Rheumatology practice to empower Rheumatologists in the Arab world to excel in their specialty”. The theme reflects the growing recognition of the power and importance of exchanging cutting-edge scientific and clinical information to improve patient care. The Congress aims to further knowledge in the Rheumatology field, contributing significantly to a better understanding of the complexity of diseases, addressing updates in their pathogenesis and management. It presents an opportunity to listen to top speakers, network with renowned Rheumatologists from the Arab region and around the world, leading to an enhanced output of research and improved care in the field.


The ArLAR JORDAN 2021 Congress  is a four-day scientific program, which will be of high interest to academicians, physicians, researchers, and others with an interest in Rheumatology, where distinguished and renowned speakers will deliver remarkable presentations, workshops, and poster sessions.

It will include:

  • Pre-congress workshops:

    • First ArLAR Basic-Level MSK Workshop endorsed by the EULAR

    • Rheumatology Practice Symposium

  • Adult Rheumatology 2 parallel sessions

  • Pediatric Rheumatology session

  • Poster sessions

  • Post congress Public Awareness Workshop.

Dr. Basel Masri                           
President of the ArLAR
President of the JSR

President of the Congress   

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